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Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done... is one of the songs that I hum to during this time of the year. It brings back memories of my mother singing to us, her children, encouraging us to be thankful at all times. I am grateful for your generosity of time, talent, and treasure which enables CROS Ministries to make a lasting impact in our community.

From January – October 2017
**Food Pantries distributed food to 56,166 individuals **The Caring Kitchen served 65,359 meals
**Nutrition in a Knapsack gave out bags of food to 295 students during the 2016/2107 school year.
**Camp provided lunch, a snack, and breakfast as needed to 219 campers during the 2017 summer program.
**Gleaning recovered 497,142 pounds of fresh produce from local farms during the 2016/2017 gleaning season.

These numbers represent people who are holding on to hope for a brighter future. Because of your support, they are reminded that they are not alone in their struggle; that someone cares. Your giving enables CROS Ministries to continue to be a place of hope for parents, children, seniors, and homeless individuals throughout the year. Together, We are Making a Difference!H

Wishing you peace, love and joy this holiday season and in the New Year.

With Gratitude,

Ruth Mageria
Executive Director

CROS Ministries
3677 23rd Avenue South, #B-101, Lake Worth, FL 33461